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Statement of Collection of Personal Data of the Company
Personal data

The personal data provided to D & DStudios Lda., By the customers are intended only for the fulfillment of the budget / contract / invoices / receipts / sales in cash, signed between the same and the customers, and this data can be delivered to the Public Services and the judicial authority under legal provision.
Under the terms of the law, customers may request the Company to access or rectify their personal data.

Without prejudice to the indicated recipients, D & DStudios Lda. May communicate / share a customer’s personal data, with the purpose of fulfilling the contract / service for which it was contracted, provided that the recipients (subcontractors) are obliged to respect the European Regulations on Data Protection, and that or by legal obligation, namely judicial, police, tax and regulatory entities. In addition to the information provided, the data collected may also be used for digital marketing purposes (Facebook, Newsletter and other social networks).

Personal Data Categories to be collected

For the purposes mentioned above, the entity may collect and process personal data as well as the
original and copies of the respective documents:
• Identification data: name; address; age; BI number; citizen Card; VAT Number ;
• Other data: telephone number; email.

Data Retention Time

The period during which personal data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed. The data will be stored only for the minimum period required under the terms defined by law.

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